About Me

I am a CS PhD candidate in Computer Vision (3D Scene Understanding) at The University of Sydney (USYD) advised by A/Prof. Weidong Cai (USYD) and A/Prof. Yang Song (UNSW). Previously, I got my bachelor degree at USYD, with First-Class Honours and University Medal (H1M) received in Computer Science (Medical Image Computing).


Shunqi Mao, Chaoyi Zhang, Heng Wang, and Weidong Cai
CVPR 2022 Embodied AI Workshop
project | paper | code | 2nd@SoundSpace (SR & dist2goal)
Tiange Xiang, Chaoyi Zhang, Jianhui Yu, Yang Song, and Weidong Cai
ICCV 2021
project | paper | supp. | code | SOTA@M40 (by Feb 2022)
Tiange Xiang, Chaoyi Zhang, Xinyi Wang, Yang Song, Dongnan Liu, Heng Huang, and Weidong Cai
MICCAI 2O2O (oral) & MICCAI2021 & MedIA 2022
- BiO-Net (Recurrent Bi-directional Connections): paper, supp, code
- BiX-NAS (Searching Bi-directional Architecture): paper, supp, code
- Towards Bi-directional Skip Connections and Beyond: paper
Chaoyi Zhang, Yang Song, Lina Yao, and Weidong Cai
AAAI 2O2O (spotlight)

* A full list of my publications can be found in my Google Scholar.

A Few Random Thoughts

Research Experience

Academic Service

  • I served as Conference Reviewer for CVPR 2021, 2022, 2023; ICCV 2021, 2023; ECCV 2022; NeurIPS 2022; AAAI 2021; MICCAI 2020, 2021, 2022; WACV 2019; DICTA 2020; ICASSP 2020; ISBI 2021; EMBC 2020
  • I served as Journal Reviewer for IEEE Transactions on Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence (TPAMI), IEEE Transactions on Medical Imaging (TMI), IEEE Transactions on Multimedia (ToM), IEEE Transactions on Cognitive and Developmental Systems (TCDS), Neurocomputing
  • I taught these courses at The Unversity of Sydney (USYD)
    • COMP3419 Graphics and Multimedia (2018-2021): Guest Lecturer; Head TA
    • COMP5424 IT in Biomedicine (2019-2021): Casual Lecturer; TA
    • COMP9110/INFO2110 System Analysis and Modelling (2017): Tutor
    and at University of New South Wales (UNSW)
    • COMP9517 Computer Vision (2019): TA; intro. research talks

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